Protecting Our Peace

We Invite You to Share Anonymously and Be Heard

We All Deserve Safety & Peace

3/20/20231 min read

The traumas in the Black community are mounting. It’s hard to escape the publicization of our pain. Another Black woman is being attacked. Another Black person was gunned down by police. We’re trolled on social media. We’re harassed while conducting normal activities of daily living. We're mentally drained. We’re emotionally exhausted. Amidst the struggle, we forget ourselves. Forget that we can come first. Forget that we need caring and protection, too. Fight, or flight? We want to fight. At the same time, our instinct may be to duck and stay out of the line of fire. Our peace of mind suffers. We deserve peace!

Consider this a safe space to share your stories of joy, love, pain, hope, and healing.

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